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Louisville is one of the most selected cities in the United States with the highest number of jobs in its metropolitan area. Louisville is located on the Ohio River, which serves as the border between Indiana and Kentucky. It is located north of Louisville, the capital of Kentucky and largest city by population.

The vibrant restaurant scene regularly receives national awards, including the prestigious James Beard Award for Best Restaurant in the United States. The city's prestigious cultural institutions also host some of the country's most prestigious colleges, such as the University of Louisville and the Louisville Museum of Art. In addition, the Humana Festival of New American Plays is celebrated every year in Louisville, but also in other cities across the country and in New York City.

The Fund has played a key role in investing in strategic initiatives to strengthen the vitality of the sector, such as the creation of a new restaurant and entertainment district in downtown Louisville, and investment in the city's arts and cultural facilities.

As the organizer of Imagine Greater Louisville, the fund led efforts to adopt the region's 2017 arts and cultural plan. The vision of the plan, which includes economic development, is to ensure the long-term viability of the city's arts, culture and entertainment sectors and to nurture and promote GreaterLouisville as a nationally recognized City of the Arts. Strengthen and maintain a strong relationship with the local art community and its stakeholders. Engage actively with key community stakeholders, including local businesses, community organizations, arts organizations, and local governments, to serve as the voice of the arts community.

The President and CEO will work with the Board of Directors and shareholders to support the strategic plan. Identify, nurture and work with those who have skills, interests and commitments that support the mission of the Fund.

Determining short and long-term financial objectives, developing and monitoring annual budgets, ensuring compliance with strict financial controls and cooperation in monitoring the financial health of the organisation. Lead the campaign development teams, plan donations and actively participate in annual fundraising events. development, monitoring and monitoring of the annual budget, and cooperation with the Board of Directors and other Board members for supervision and monitoring.

Implementation and optimisation of operational strategies, processes and procedures that increase efficiency, establish high standards of customer service, promote open and transparent communication, strengthen internal controls and ensure a safe and healthy workplace for employees. Lead teams by consensus and give constructive feedback to improve team cohesion and effectiveness. Understand and anticipate the needs, interests and expectations of donors and voters, and strive to deepen their relationships and engagement with the organization. A comprehensive marketing, brand and development strategy that maximises revenue opportunities. Recognize and appreciate the contributions of members, build trust and recognize their contributions, and lead efforts to lead teams through consensus.

Receptive to new methods and ideas, the President and CEO will be ready to seize non-traditional opportunities to expand the reach and impact of the arts.

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