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There is no doubt that your trip to Lexington, Kentucky, will be full of excitement, whether you visit today, tomorrow, this weekend or in the future, there are many good things you can do in Lexington. About 80 miles from the Arboretum, here are some of the best things to do in Louisville, KY. A visit to Windy Corner Market is just one of many fun activities you can find in this Kentucky town. If you want a real taste of local life, head to the windy corner market on the corner of Main Street and Lexington Avenue.

It's a fun day and evening filled with jam - full of Kentucky-bred live music, crafts, food and entertainment. Come to the Kentucky Arts Festival at Windy Corner Market, where you can shop for over 200 artists, enjoy live music, eat Kentucky food, drink beer and participate in all the available activities for families. With over 1,000 artists and over 100 events a year, this is one of the most popular events in the entire state of Kentucky.

Visit Tahlsound, which hosts its annual summer concert series featuring a variety of local and regional bands, and the Festival of Bluegrass, which celebrates traditional bluegrass music in June at Kentucky Horse Park. There are things you can enjoy in Kentucky parks, but the biggest are licensed fishing.

There are other things to do at the festival, such as drinking in the UK Alumni Beer Garden, listening to live music, visiting crafts and Kentucky Proud stalls. Don't miss the Kentucky Horse Park Winter Festival, which takes place in the Kentucky Horses Park in winter. There are many other events in Lexington, but also in other parts of the state, but not only in Kentucky.

Among the many things that enhance the Keeneland calendar are events dedicated to the honor of racing, culture and history. There are also 42 plaques honoring the history of Kentucky Horse Park, including the first horse race in the United States and Kentucky's first thoroughbred race. Lexington Cemetery is recognized as one of the most beautiful arboretums in America and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the National Park Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. In addition, there are special attractions on site, such as the Lexington Museum of Natural History, Kentucky History Museum, Art Museum and Open Air Museum, and many other attractions.

Among the most interesting features of the cemetery are the places where Kentucky VIP icons rest, such as the Kentucky Horse Park Hall of Fame and Rupp Arena, as well as Kentucky's most famous horses, Kentucky Derby winners and Kentucky Vip ICons. The Rpp Arena is particularly interesting because it is dedicated to the memory of its owner, J.P. Rupp, the first owner of Kentucky horses.

So if you love all equestrian sports, the inclusion of the oval-shaped Lexington track is something to add to your list - and for equestrian enthusiasts, it's the thoroughbred park.

The Smithsonian University International Horse Museum is located in the Equestrian Park. It tells the story of horse breeding, its social use and the development of horse breeds over the years. The park covers 2.75 hectares and houses a variety of exhibits on horses, horses and Lexington history, which are kept by the Kentucky Historical Society, the Kentucky State Museum and the Kentucky Horse Museum.

The Kentucky Aviation Hall of Fame, which lists all sorts of major state industry figureheads, is also a part of it. The Blue Grass Airport Historical Museum was restored by USAFeatures as a museum in Lexington, KY. It features the Kentucky State Museum, Lexington Historical Society and Louisville Museum of Natural History.

You should also check out the Civil War monuments on the property and learn more about the history of Blue Grass Airport and its history. KY - USA is the philosophy behind the Hands-on Museum, and it has seven galleries, with an emphasis on Kentucky's history, culture and culture.

The group came here at the beginning of the American Revolution and named the beginnings of the settlement after the Massachusetts town also known as Lexington. Founded in 1968, the Headley Whitney Museum houses a collection of artefacts and artifacts from Lexington's history.

Built in 1814 by James Clark, the 13th governor of Kentucky, as a historic home, it follows a simple line of federal architecture. The Mary Todd Lincoln House is now a historic place that has been preserved to commemorate this jewel of American history. Built in the 1790s as the home of President Abraham Lincoln and his wife Mary, it follows the simple lines of the federal architectural style, with the addition of a second floor for the president's family.

If you are a fan of anything and everything equestrian, Kentucky Horse Park is the place to go if you are. Old Friends thoroughbred retirement farms are just one of them and they still hold themselves as one of the top activities in Lexington. A visit to the cemetery is not necessarily something to consider among the fun things to do around Lexington, but its history and grounds make this cemetery worth a visit. Lexington Cemetery has been in existence for over 150 years and is a final resting place for many of Lexington's most famous personalities and events.

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