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The Kentucky Bourbon TrailA (r) pampers visitors to 10 Kentucky distilleries where the world-famous Kentucky Bourbon is produced. On this tour you will learn about the history of each distillery, how bourbon was made and taste bourbon. Private guided tours will take you through two legendary distilleries where you will learn about bourbon production processes and taste a special 21-year-old bourbon. Take the 5th annual Woodford Bourbon Trail and take a tour of the oldest and most famous bourbon distillery in the world.

Dueling's signature Linkumpinch Bourbon was released in 2018, as was a special release of her signature Bluegrass Bourbon 2019 and a limited edition 2020.

If you're looking for a unique bourbon adventure, don't miss it. The perfect compliment to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail are the distilleries that cluster around the town of Lexington, Kentucky, located just a few miles north of Louisville, KY. Distilleries like Dueling, Bluegrass Distillery and Bourbon Barrels have focused on making their tours accessible in a short time.

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail, now officially known as the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state of Kentucky. This dead-end, beautiful ride, set on a rolling hill just a few miles north of Louisville, has everything you need for an unforgettable, alcohol-free vacation.

West of Hopkinsville are the Kentucky International Convention Center and Louisville International Airport, as well as the Express Train Station, said John Lindsey, executive director of the Southwestern KY Economic Development Council, which is based in Hopkinsville. The convention center is currently being expanded west, Lindsey said, and it is connected to the new Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau (LCCB) office building. In northern Kentucky, there has also been a significant increase in tourism activity in recent years. He said Louisville is seeing a lot of new hotel beds go online, many of them downtown, with the newly renovated and reopened Kentucky International Convention Center.

Look out for the Kentucky Potted Plant, a new bourbon distillation plant at the Louisville International Convention Center. See photos of the new Kentucky State Capitol building in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, and search for potted plants, distilleries and other Kentucky bourbon distillates.

If you're a bourbon drinker and want to learn about the spirit, the Kentucky Bourbon Trail should be on your list. The official list of distilleries along the way may not include every distillery you want to visit on a trip to Bourbon Land, but we recommend taking a tour and looking around. Start at the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience, located in the old Whiskey Row building. In the meantime, the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour is worth a visit, and it's gaining momentum.

We were there with a group who went on bourbon tasting tours for a week and bourbon and rye were EXCELLENT, an aAAAmazing! Lexington is a great place to explore the history of bourbons, try innovative new styles and visit small distilleries, but all of these places are definitely worth a stop. All of this is combined to bring you the richness of Kentucky culture, so it is definitely a place worth visiting.

We are looking forward to celebrating this weekend with our colleagues, and here are some reasons to get started!!! Here are a few of our favorite places in Lexington, Kentucky, as well as some of the reasons we chose this route.

Our last stop for the day is the Kentucky Bourbon TrailA (r) in Lexington, Kentucky, just a short drive from our hotel. The Kentucky Bourbon Trail consists of a series of stops on the way from Lexington to Louisville and back. We are proposing the Urban Bourbon TrailA (r) and invite visitors to stop by to get to know the brands and get a taste.

In addition, the B-Line plans to stop at each of the distilleries along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail from Lexington to Louisville at some point. The fun is that you can pick up a free pass and have it stamped for each distillery. In return, forget the free T-shirt at the KY Tourism Centre in Louisville!

You can also be part of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, the B-Line or any of our other events in Louisville and Lexington.

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour is divided into the original Kentucky Bourbon Trail, and each of our well-known bourbon brands produces its own version of the trail, the most popular of which is the following. The original route is to roll through Kentucky countryside, followed by a series of stops on the way from Louisville to Lexington and back. Bourbon fans will no doubt want to take some time to explore the historic Kentucky Bourbons Trail. Follow the official Kentucky Bourbon Trail, which consists of a 1.5-mile trail from Kentucky's capital, Louisville, Kentucky, to the southernmost point of Kentucky.

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