Man charged in Kentucky bank robbery found in Alabama

Published 11-15-2018

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) - Police say a man arrested in Alabama has been charged with robbing a Kentucky bank this week.

Officers with Huntsville, Alabama, police found 26-year-old Maxwell W. Hayslip Wednesday morning in a car in a shopping center. A shopper had reported someone possibly passed out in a vehicle.

Lexington police say evidence found in the car connects Hayslip to the Tuesday robbery of a Chase Bank in that Kentucky city. A suspect had entered the bank dressed in a gray sports coat, khaki pants, and a black beanie hat and presented the teller with a threatening note demanding money.

Police say Hayslip may also be connected to bank robberies in elsewhere in Kentucky and Tennessee.

He was charged with second-degree robbery and drug offenses.

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