Police link man to 3 guns and 6 shootings over 3 months

Published 11-26-2018

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - Authorities say they have solved the 2015 killing of a South Carolina teen and linked guns found with the suspect with at least five other shootings.

Columbia Police Chief Skip Holbrook said a new database helped investigators link three guns found when 28-year-old Leonard Mickens was arrested in 2015 with killings in Richland and Lexington counties as well as four other shootings over three months.

Holbrook called Mickens a "walking crime spree" during a Monday news conference.

Mickens faces federal gun charges from his 2015 arrest. Holbrook says with him behind bars, investigators carefully pieced together the evidence linking the shootings, including Mickens' DNA on shell casings.

Holbrook says Mickens shot 14-year-old NaJeer Buggs as he walked home from a basketball game in Columbia.

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